year of the pig stamp and coin set
year of the pig stamp and coin set
year of the pig stamp and coin set

Canada Post - Thematic Collection #149 - Year of the Pig - Stamp and Coin Set (2007)

SKU: COT-149


Also known as the Year of the Boar, the Year of the Pig begins on February 18, 2007 and ends on February 6, 2008. The Pig is the most generous and honourable sign of the Zodiac, and it heralds a year of contentment, security and optimism.

People born in the Year of the Pig are kind and caring in nature, with a jovial and easygoing character that belies their resilience and tenacity. Social and self-reliant, they are dependable, extremely determined and perfect friends.

The Pig has a deep history within Chinese culture. Aside from being a food source, pigs were also used for barter and were seen as a symbol of stable living. The Chinese character for family is composed of a pig under a roof, and the pig figure plays a role in the protection of children.

Since 1998, Canada Post and the Royal Canadian Mint have been proud to join Canada's Asian communities to honour the Lunar New Year through the issue of special edition stamp and coin sets.

2007 - Thematic collection. Joint Royal Canadian Mint / Canada Post stamp and coin product.

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