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Our Tradition of Success

In business since 1980, Vista offers a full range of philatelic services that you can appreciate in the comfort of your home.

Our Online Store

Over the last few years our online store has become one of the most valuable resources for stamp collectors on the Internet. More than 25,000 products are presently listed, including Stamp Albums, Canada Stamp Collections, Rare Canadian Stamps, Stamp Packets, Stamp Collecting Supplies, and much more!

Our Pledge of Complete Satisfaction

We do not simply work for your satisfaction, we GUARANTEE it! All merchandise we sell comes with a guaranty of complete satisfaction for a period of 30 days. To learn more about our services and policies, please review the information found in the Customer Service page.

Our Coordinates

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-866-293-2329
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Address: Vista Stamps, PO Box 323, Farnham QC J2N 3A5, CANADA

Collect stamps in the comfort of your home!

A few decades ago, all stamp collectors were faced with the question "Where can I buy postage stamps?". More recently, we have witnessed the emergence of numerous stamp dealers throughout America, and with them a great variety of philatelic services. So now, the question is "Why choose one stamp dealer and not another?" In a few words, Vista Stamps offers a professional personalized service. This means that we treat every customer as a unique, different stamp collector, and that each interaction with the customer is done in a very professional manner.