the standard canada precancel catalogue
the standard canada precancel catalogue

The Standard Canada Precancel Catalogue

8th Edition
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This is the eighth edition, fully edited in Canada. The listings have been extensively revised and updated to reflect current research. Up-to-date pricing, new entries, and many new features make this the most comprehensive catalogue on the subject ever published. 

  • Numbering system based on the established Scott Numbering System
  • Used throughout North America
  • All currently known precancels listed and illustrated by style
  • A unique numbering code to identify the various precancels
  • Illustrated listing of Canadian stamps that exist precancelled
  • Net market values expressed in Canadian funds
  • Bar Precancels identification system developed and established by consultation
  • Alphabetical listing of Town and City Precancels
  • Many expanded listings
  • Perfin precancels revised and priced

Edited by D. Marasco & K. Taylor

Why Precancels?

Precancels were a post office device for saving time and money. A sheet of 100 stamps could be precancelled in about the same time it took to cancel a single stamp on an envelope, a savings of 99 operations per 100 stamps!
Canada Post officially authorized the use of precancels in the late 1880s and the last were produced in 1977, thereby covering a period of close to 100 years.

Prized by Philatelists

Growing rapidly in popularity, one of the pleasures of collecting precancels is that additions and expansion of your precancel collection can be made by spending time rather than money. Regardless of the length of time involved in collecting stamps, anyone has an equal chance of discovering the scarcer precancels.

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