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Muscat & Oman - Stamp Packet

25 different stamps
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The Sultanante of Oman is an arab state located near Saudi Arabia and Yemen. It is separated from Iran by the Gulf of Oman. The capital of Oman is the city of Muscat. Before Oman became a sultanate, the coastal city of Muscat was a prosperous trading center in its own right. Oman is a country with a diverse geography which makes it appealing to travellers. You can view wadis and deserts, beaches and mountains. Almost every city has its own souk, or market, and the area is known for the production of frankincense. Oman enjoyed a friendly relationship with the British and used the stamps of their postal agencies in Arabia. Muscat and Oman issued stamps from 1966-1970, before finally issuing stamps as the independent sultanate of Oman in 1971.