historic land vehicles souvenir sheet of 25 stamps
historic land vehicles souvenir sheet of 25 stamps

Canada Post - Thematic Collection #72 - Historic Land Vehicles - Souvenir Sheet of 25 Stamps (1996)

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1996 - Thematic collection as issued by Canada Post.

Historic Land Vehicles - Official 25 Stamp Pane

For over 100 years, motorized land vehicles of all kinds have been built in Canada. This stamp series commemorates a part of our transportation heritage by highlighting 25 subjects chosen from hundreds of cars, trucks, snowbiles, fire engines, buses, streetcars, and specialty vehicles designed for agriculture and industry. The vehicles were built by individual inventors, small companies and large, multinational corporations. The earliest subject in the series is a steam engine built in Quebec in 1867; the last is a massive logging truck manufactured in 1975 in British Columbia. While most of the vehicles in the series were powered by gasoline, others used electricity or steam. The stamps also celebrate the success of Canadian inventors and manufacturers in overcoming the challenges posed by Canada's geography, and in adapting their products for the international marketplace. Contains Scott number 1605.

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