henry birks and sons 125th

Canada Special Event Cover #S59 - Henry Birks and Sons 125th (2004)



The story of Birks is first and foremost a story of boldness and perseverance that began in the 19th century. Its founder, Henry Birks, son of a long line of English silversmiths, opened his first store in 1879 on St. Jacques Street in Montreal. In 1893, sensing the development of the new downtown, he set up a large jeweller's shop on Du Square-Phillips St. where there is still a store today. Throughout the 20th century, the family's son and grandsons managed the company, which soon became a symbol of social status. Birks has enjoyed unique prestige for 125 years. Its history is linked to Canada's history and commercial development. Birks has become a leading name in Canada's luxury goods industry.

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