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Germany - Stamp Packet

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1000 different stamps
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2000 different stamps
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Germany is a country in Central Europe near France and Switzerland. It has figured prominently in world affairs, its politics affecting the entire planet during the First and Second World Wars. However, Germany is also known for outstanding natural beauty, good food and wine, and let's not forget Oktoberfest! German postal history goes back to the Middle Ages, but we will start in 1871 with the establishment of the Reichspost, the official German national postal service. The Reichspost lasted until the end of WW2 in 1945. Under the Allied occupation, each zone administered its own postal affairs. During this occupation, West Berlin was authorized to issue its own stamps also. Then, with the break-up of Germany into East and West, both sections took care of their own state. The reunification in 1990 brought about postal reorganization and new stamp issues under the umbrella of one nation.

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