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canada revenue stamps postal scrip second issue fps24 40
canada revenue stamps postal scrip second issue fps24 40

Canada Revenue Stamps - Postal Scrip Second Issue (#FPS24-40)

Complete mint set of the second Postal Scrip issue from 1967 (#FPS24-40) neatly hinged on an colourful 8½ x 11 sheet with a bilingual description on the back (transcribed in the description of this product). The stamps are valued at $141.75 in the Revenue Stamp Catalogue and are a superb addition to the Back-of-the-Book Postage Due stamps (J)!!!
Cv. $150.00
USD $125.00
 Out of Stock


The use of postal scrip has become totally obsolete since the introduction of the new money order in late 1970. Formerly these stamps were affixed to the denominative money orders. No more than two postal scrip were used at one time, and the total amount of postal scrip never exceeded 99x. They were then cancelled by hand with the local office date stamp - partly on the money order and partly on the postal scrip.

The stamps were never available to the general public. Large companies, on the other hand, which sent out money orders through the routine business procedure, made use of the postal scrip. Therefore, this set of postal scrip stamps, can truly be considered a collector's item.

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