collection of cinderella stamps

Collection of ''Cinderella'' stamps

24 Souvenir Sheets - CTO
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All these territories Eynhallow, Nagaland, Dhufar and Staffa, among others are Labels that are essentially bogus stamp issues, produced by the colourful English stamp dealer Clive Feigenbaum for sale to collectors. Feigenbaum, a former chairman of Stanley Gibbons, was expelled from the Philatelic Traders Society (PTS) in 1970 for not making explicit that the labels he was selling were not genuine postage stamps, but he continued to produce ''stamps'' for all kinds of weird and wonderful places until his death in 2007. 

Their lack of postal validity is why stamps from these territories are considered to be Cinderellas. Nevertheless, more than four decades on from their first appearance, the issues are a collectable curiosity in their own right - just as long as you know their backstory.