canada stamp complete booklets bk bk240 picture postage 2000

Canada Stamp Booklet - #BK240 Picture Postage (2000) 5 x 47¢

BK240bi open cover (UPC barcode 01797 1), MF (BI)
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BK240a glued flap (UPC barcode 01796 4) (A)
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BK240b open cover (UPC barcode 01797 1), DF (B)
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Greeting Stamps, Booklet of 5x47¢

Country Canada
#Scott BK240
Issue Picture Postage
Name Picture Postage
Face Value 5 x 47¢
Date 2000-12-28
Colour Multicoloured
Perforation Serpentine Die Cut 11.7
Paper JAC - JAC Paper Canada
Tag GT4 - General Tagging along all edges of stamp
Printer Ashton-Potter Canada Ltd.
Booklet Pane

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