canada stamp complete booklets bk bk215a flag over iceberg 1998

Canada Stamp Booklet - #BK215A Flag over Iceberg (1998) 30 x 46¢
Press sensitive logo on front cover

BK215Aa glued flap with tab inscription (UPC 01518 2) (A)
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Falg over Iceberg 30x48¢. Booklet of 30 self-adhesive.

Country Canada
#Scott BK215A
Issue Self-Adhesive Booklet
Name Flag over Iceberg
Face Value 30 x 46¢
Date 1998-12-28
Variety Press sensitive logo on front cover
Colour Multicoloured
Perforation Die Cut
Paper JAC - JAC Paper Canada
Tag GT4 - General Tagging along all edges of stamp
Printer Ashton-Potter Canada Ltd.
Booklet Pane

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